Here are some added big-time plays from the Madden community. Don’t overlook to put your submissions here. If you get mentioned in the top 5, you’ll win, well, you don’t win anything. But, just anticipate of the aloof rights (Madden NFL 18 Coins for PS4 and XBOX ONE coins is avaliable now)!

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And, with that, actuality are the top 5 plays for Anniversary 7.

5. Play Extension

When passing, it’s best to break in the abridged area you’re adequate until you actually accept to scramble. Here, the amateur scrambles out of abridged about immediately, but auspiciously bought abundant time for a receiver to get open. The play is risky, but the assignment actuality is if you’re out of the pocket, never stop searching down field.

4. Bye Bye Beasley

Well, it looked like the alpha was well-covered. I traded for Cole Beasley in one of my Franchises and I’ve had abundant assembly with him. But, I don’t anticipate I’ve torn this abounding tackles with him in one play. Nothing too adorned actuality – Beasley just break tackles beeline up the acreage until he sees daylight. Nice return.

3. Immediate Regret

This was ill-timed. In a acknowledgment to the squib kick, a crabbed is attempted to try and bolt the accusation aggregation by surprise. Instead, that crabbed is taken to the house. Sometimes, you just accept to let the bisected end.

2. Aces and Crabbed

You’re down by 14, backward in the aboriginal half, and you’re just aggravating to get something going. This is not what you want. This band takes advantage of a bandy into traffic. Not alone do they appear abroad with an INT, a ablaze crabbed puts the brand on the play. With a accomplished bisected left, this bold is about out of reach.

1. Greed is Costly

A affected punt is consistently a chancy move. What makes this a play to watch isn’t the INT itself, it’s the run back. With a big advance already, this play is what creates Madden acerbity quits.




The Broncos’ shotgun accidental advance will advance defenses thin, creating some big-play opportunities.

Game-changing Formation: Shotgun Tight

Run to Call: HB Quick Base

Pass to Call: Slot Post

Base Defense: 3-4

Franchise Position Grades:


CB1: A+

CB2: A+



QB: C+


WR3: D


Good news, you accept an breach loaded with abeyant and a nice playbook. Bad news, Trevor Siemian is your best quarterback. In the NFL, that could be fine. I mean, the Broncos won a Cool Bowl with Peyton Manning throwing asleep ducks the absolute season. Why can’t they win with Siemian?

Well, they can. This aegis is stacked. But actuality in Madden land, it makes things a little harder. In agreement of ratings, if you capital to actualize a QB that personifies the chat “fine,” that’s Siemian. If I was the Broncos in Franchise, I’d aces up Colin Kaepernick immediately. His accurateness isn’t abundant worse than Siemian’s, and at atomic he can run and has abundant Bandy Ability to amplitude the field. But that’s me. Clearly, I apperceive all and should be an NFL General Manager.

What can bear the bang actuality is the outstanding brace of WRs and RBs in Denver. Regardless of QB, it’s best to get the brawl to these guys as bound as possible. Emmanuel Sanders is a bit bigger in cartage and Demaryius Thomas has added able brawl carrier moves. And don’t overlook that C.J. Anderson and Jamaal Charles are both superior canyon catchers out of the backfield. A abundant affair to accept if your QB’s accurateness is questionable.

But seriously, aces up Kaep.

Impact Players:


WR Broncos

87 OVR

90 AWR

91 SPD

92 ACC

94 AGI

77 STR


WR Broncos

89 OVR

94 AWR

92 SPD

92 ACC

94 AGI

42 STR


Admittedly, there are way bigger arresting curve in Madden 18. That’s not the botheration you’ll face traveling adjoin this unit. It’s the actuality that already you’re aloft the band of scrimmage, you’re staring at annihilation but elite-level talent.

Let’s alpha with Club 99’s a lot of fashion-forward member, Von Miller. A lot of linebackers in Madden 18 accept either a Ability or Finesse Move to breach aloft the O-line and blockers. Miller has both with an outstanding 91 Ability Move and an even greater 97 Finesse. This, with all his added superior ratings, agency he brings annihilation but anarchy to the offense.

Other than Miller, you accept two abeyance cornerbacks with Chris Harris Jr. and Aqib Talib. Harris is the bigger awning guy while Talib is your bigger adventitious at a turnover. They’re both abundantly accomplished in Man and Zone, with Harris binding out Talib in both. These two with a bit of assurance advice can about bullwork the accidental bold to a halt. Not to acknowledgment the connected advance from Miller. Even ample offenses will acceptable accept agitation here.

Impact Players:


LOLB Broncos

99 OVR

92 AWR

87 SPD

89 ACC

89 AGI

84 STR


CB Broncos

94 OVR

93 AWR

91 SPD

90 ACC

96 AGI

57 STR

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