Improvements to RuneScape Toolbelt & Combat Academy


Very soon the RuneScape tool belt will be improved by bringing all of your unlocks onto a single screen. Meanwhile, the improved Combat Academy will introduce players to Revolution instead of the Full Manual combat mode. More details are listed below and there is cheap RuneScape gold for sale here.

How to improve tool belt?
Currently the tool belt available to all players can be accessed in the Worn Equipment screen. Besides it allows you to carry and access basic tools anytime without taking up space in your inventory.
The improvements to the toolbelt this time will bring all of your unlocks onto a single, manageable screen. And the loading times will be reduced. you can learn more information and settings for items like the charming imp by clicking on items, while the interface will be scrolled to the item by clicking a category. Plus, there will be a grappling hook added along with this.

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What will the RuneScape Combat Academy be like soon?
Until now, the Combat Academy run by Lady Deathknell is a place in Lumbridge for you to learn the basics of combat after the Evolution of Combat. And you can learn all information involved with the new combat system. There are 7 lessons in all, including:
Introduction to Combat
Combat Styles
The Combat Triangle
Targeting, Enemy Weaknesses and Damage Types
Using the Ability Bar and Basic Abilities
Adrenaline, Threshold Abilities and Ultimate Abilities
Ability Effects
The upcoming improvements will make the Combat Academy teach Revolution instead of the more advanced Manual combat mode. And there should be more new players to understand the combat system in the future.

What do you think of these improvements to the tool belt as well as the Combat Academy? Let’s expect them with cheap RuneScape gold for sale on our site.