Win Hexhunter Bow & Stalker Arrow from Soulgazer RuneScape


As the absolution of Stalker Creatures apache task, you accept a adventitious to achieve RuneScape Stalker Arrow with Stalker Essence alone by Soulgazer or Seeker. There is even a affirmed bead – Hexhunter Bow from Aristocratic Soulgazers. But you charge accomplishment Dishonor A allotment of Thieves with RuneScape mobile  ios gold from

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How to get and use RuneScape Hexhunter Bow?

Hexhunter Bow is a actual attenuate bead from new apache monster Soulgazer, begin in the Stalker alcove in Zamorak’s hideout. And you aswell accept attenuate adventitious to get the bow from an aristocratic adaptation of the Soulgazer – Soulgazer (elite), which spawns occasionally while killing approved Soulgazers. The adventitious will be bigger by giving Seeker’s Charms (dropped by Seeker ) to the aperture in the arctic of the dungeon. What is more, accession aristocratic adaptation of the Soulgazer – Veil-ripper Ozharakha will spawn actual rarely in abode of an Aristocratic Soulgazer and offers a affirmed bead of the Hexhunter Bow.

This bank 80 two-handed shortbow can use any arrow, access accident adjoin magic-using targets, and has an added accurateness access if the ambition is anemic to arrows. It will be base to a torn accompaniment afterwards over 60,000 accuse of combat. Meanwhile, the bow can be aggrandized to the aggrandized Hexhunter Bow by application an augmentor.

How to achieve Stalker Arrow?

As the brash armament for the Hexhunter Bow, the new T80 Stalker Arrow can be created by accumulation Stalker Essence with Dark Arrows, acute 95 Fletching and acceding 17.5 Fletching XP per arrow. The Stalker Essence is alone either by Soulgazers or Seekers.

It’s time to claiming Soulgazer or Seeker, abnormally the Aristocratic Soulgazer, isn’t it? However, don’t overlook RS 07 gold is on auction here.