Its amazing fun with the combat system and Rs3 design

I can’t tell you the quantity of times I have died to pkers trying to move on with my own character, I fish lobsters inside Karamja and lose 3-400 lobs… I train in secret locations and get owned by maulers.

fix the combat triangle, give us non skullers getting some sort of buff so we can no less than stand a chance, as of right now I don’t even sense that playing because this is actually the 07 rs gold 6th time I possess died and lost most will to level far more….

some of the items that would make (Darks)Horrible title btw…. scape better are

1. More guards around G. E, just 1 or 2 with a few more roaming around in light-weight risk areas.

2. Stop coming up together with horrible names, your about to rename the most iconic skill name from the game to… POWER…. lol seriously

3. Give us non skullers some kind of incentive to keep teaching, its infuriating that We have lost my **** 6 times inside a row having to restart over each and every time… I can barely level without someone trying to kill me and me having to log off after losing my stuff to the 6th time….

rs 07 gold

rs 07 gold

4. Fix teleblock being OP.

5. Today I died inside Karamja, I had the substitute for not attack players even though I miss click checked off but I do believe entering doors while other people are standing there still posseses an affect, I was skulled about karamja and got owned while attempting to work my way down to the bank….. please for the enjoy of god can we all fix this…

6. WE SHOULD BE CAPABLE TO USE LODESTONES WITH GEAR I AM WEARING BUT LIMIT DEVICES, for example I incorporate the use of lodestone teleport with total range set or mage collection or melee set…….. this is useful to mount offensives if you are dropped off… but limit the level of items we can vent with to no stacks and like 4 things that DO NOT INCLUDE stackables including lob certificates or or everything else.

so the game would certainly fun and risk still there.

I’ll add more infuriating BS the longer I make an effort to play, so far its amazing fun with the combat system and Rs3 design.