07 Rs Gold amen.–I love the game

dear runescape,07 Rs Gold, i’ve now killed more than 60 araxxis dry. Please bless everyone with your wonderful loot luck and let me pillage spider leg bottom, amen.–I love the game  A large amount but theres this concern that made me personally stop playing. When i dont have the best Laptop , but RS used to become playable but nowadays its just obvious lag with budget friendly graphics setup i can play on Delight if its feasible to reduce the actual lag and stuff that would be great .

getting just much cooler and Im however having problems being able to view my account, anticipating a response of jagex for greater month.–Commenting and also asking questions this is xp waste.–When I click around the link to show 1 at the tip of the publish I get this specific: 404 – Page certainly not found.Sorry, the page you would look for was not located.

Fall is chop-chop approaching which 99s do all of you have planned with this coming fall time of year?

Jagex you get outdone yourself because usual!! I virtually cannot wait! I have been playing since the year 2005 and every individual update you help make impresses me along with keeps giving me a reason to arrest a loyal actor. Keep it upwards!!–Kieran or some thing i can spend it but it may not be cool to pay everytime again to do something and i wouldn’t talk for my self i converse for the various other players to and also wtf is worng with anyone stupid donkey.

Any crystal city would likely look a bit more. crystalline.–Soo you realize it would be a little more than a little awesome if immediately after 5 days yall would repair my character in order that I can sign in already. You donjon telling me to check on my firewall and all sorts of the ports nevertheless every other bank account that family in addition to friends have can all log within from the exact same network/computer as well as everything else besides mines still glitched when I select world in addition to instant dc.