Introducing the winners of Safe Wildstar Powerleveling the Wacky WildStar contest!

Introducing the winners of the Wacky Safe Wildstar Powerleveling  contest!
During the second phase of Closed Beta, we held our first Housing Contest with the testers to have these phones flaunt their creativity. And as we moved for the third Closed Beta test, the Neighbors feature was introduced in the game, allowing players to form teams and make massive housing creations, sculptures, and scenes. We chose to put our testers for the test, so to speak, by theming the contest.

The “Leastways They may not be DOGS” Award:
Much like last time, these winners will all be gifted the official Protostar-sponsored Housing Trophy for future easy use in their houses.

Congratulations to all your winners, and pay attention to you yearly beta! And if you are not registered yet, you should definitely visit our Beta Application !

The West Coast gets much convention love, from E3 to North park Comic-Con to PAX Prime. The world thinks it’s high time we trek back East, don’t you? The Carbine crew is going to New York Comic-Con, October 10th – 13th, to demonstrate off WildStar! Come visit booth to play the sport, speak to the Community team, and possibly acquire some free things!
Haven’t a opportunity to buy tickets to Wildstar Powerleveling ? Adjusted the time this information was posted, tickets remained as designed for Thursday! And if the show sells out, organic beef be lurking at the nearby bar one night, so monitor Twitter and Facebook for details through the show.

Of course, our booths would not be possible with no support from your partners, so we want to provide a huge thanks to Nvidia, Logitech, and Alienware for letting us use many to demonstrate off WildStar!


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