WildStar Special Weekend Access Beta Safe Wildstar Powerleveling Giveaway!

Weren’t able to uncover your hands with a Cheap Wildstar Platinum beta code, but hoping to vacation to planet Nexus last week? You have luck!

Carbine Studios is giving beta codes for the special weekend access event which will be held from wildstar gold . It’s first-come, first-served, so enter your email address contact information within the Godankey form below and keep your fingers crosse.

That’s the plan! Easy as that, why then now don’t inform your friends to seize a code as long as you’re at it? You can be sent a beta code via email if you’re one of the lucky testers.

NOTE: Taking the special weekend access code won’t affect your existing beta invite status.

Breakdown of how the special weekend beta giveaway will work:

Use on the list of special weekend access beta codes Safe Wildstar Powerleveling . A contact will probably be sent shortly thereafter notifying you of this beta key and instructions on where to download.
Thank you for playing!

You will see more special opportunities such as this in the future so be sure to look often. It’s also possible to follow on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to the latest.

Go through the following website link for getting your code:

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