Maximum of characters Cheap Wildstar Platinum

Guest accounts are capped to level 20, Path Cheap Wildstar Platinum  level 10 and Apprentice Tier crafting.
create or join a Guild. They will join Circles but not create them.

Guest accounts can’t do business with other players, send or receive mail, can’t become Neighbors or Roommates, or operate the Commodities exchange.
Oh and Guest accounts is able to use Say, Yell and Party chat.

Of course, the easiest way to bust your way from these restrictions is to obtain a full version with the game and upgrade yourself in to a levelling, trading, talking machine of ultimate awesomeness!

Take note that these passes are meant for someone to present to friends, any misbehaving on a guest account might have repercussions with the associated account at the same time!

Received a Guest Pass?
To make use of your Guest Pass, just check out our Account Management page, create your free account (or login for those who have one already) and click on the Wildstar Gold  Apply a Code button. Copy and paste, and boom you’re ready to go!


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