Classes Introduction: Esper DPS Build vs HEAL Build in PvE

Inside WildStar, you can find six classes we are able to choose and each class can consentrate on DPS. While, the expansion still divide six classes into Tank and Wildstar Platinum.

Esper, Medic, Spellslinger generally is a Healer, and Enginner, Warrior is usually a Tank. Before your character acquired at 15 lvl, it doesn’t matter you’re Tank or Healer is insignificant.

As soon as you level up to level 15, to become a Healer would help you upgrade fast in PvE.

Well, we will introduce the DPS Build and Heal Build for Esper in PvE. Hope this book may help you chose your ideal first WildStar Class.
Wildstar Esper DPS Build

Esper Ranged DPS Buil
Esper Melee DPS Build

As you can tell, different between ranged dps build and melee dps build is concerning Telekinetic Strike and Psychic Frenzy.

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